UPS2 circulator pump – heating, cooling, hot water (GE)

UPS2 is the perfect replacement option to optimize efficiency in domestic heating systems.

UPML – XL GEO OEM circulator pump – HVAC systems (GE)

The Grundfos UPML GEO & UPMXL GEO medium circulator platform is made as an extension of the basic UPM GEO up to variable flows to 180W.

UPM3 SOLAR OEM circulator pump for HVAC SOLAR systems (GE)

UPM3 SOLAR is an OEM high efficient circulator offering flexible solutions for thermal solar systems.


The UPM3 platform has set the new HVAC OEM standards due to its outstanding system integration, reliability and efficiency.

UPM3 Hybrid OEM circulator pump for HVAC systems (GE)

By combining external controlling through signal entry with internal self-controlling, the UPM3 HYBRID covers all your circulator needs in one product, providing you with access to a full range of settings.

UPM3 FLEX AS OEM circulator pump for HVAC systems (GE)

UPM3 FLEX AS is a flexible solution for boiler systems now and in the future.

UPM3 AUTO OEM circulator pump for HVAC systems (GE)

UPM3 AUTO is for all applications in which an internally controlled pump is needed.

SOLAR PML OEM circulator pump – solar thermal charging station (GE)

The Grundfos SOLAR PML is energy optimized for small and medium solar thermal charging station in which the demand is mainly on small reduced flow.

ALPHA3 circulator pump – heating, cooling (GE)

The Grundfos ALPHA3 marks the start of a new era in domestic circulators for installers. With the ALPHA3, it’s never been quicker or easier to operate a pump within domestic heating systems.

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