UPML – XL GEO OEM circulator pump – HVAC systems (GE)

The Grundfos UPML GEO & UPMXL GEO medium circulator platform is made as an extension of the basic UPM GEO up to variable flows to 180W.

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This circulator pump is particularly suitable for coldwater applications. The pump is designed to be integrated in geothermal heating pumps as well as in heating and air-conditioning systems with remote control of the speed, corresponding to low-voltage PWM (pulse-width modulation) signal input.

2 basic GEO variants are available

UPML GEO with a power consumption up to 140W

  • UPML GEO Range
  • UPML GEO 25-105 130 PWM
  • UPML GEO 25-105 180 PWM
  • UPML GEO 32-105 180 PWM

UPMXL GEO with a power consumption up to 180W

  • UPMXL GEO Range
  • UPMXL GEO 25-125 130 PWM
  • UPMXL GEO 25-125 180 PWM
  • UPMXL GEO 32-125 180 PWM

Characteristic Features

  • Glandless circulator pumps integrated in products shall have an energy efficiency index (EEI) of not more than 0.23, the benchmark level being 0.20
  • Controlled via a digital low-voltage pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal which means that the speed of rotation depends on the input signal. The speed changes as a function of the input profile
  • A PWM feedback signal provides information about the current performance of the pump, such as current power consumption or various alarm or warning modes
  • Motor protected against condensed water by means of drain holes and double-coated wiring
  • Fit for operation in condensing environments thanks to the electronics being separated from the motor


  • Ready for Conversion according to Ecodesign Requirements for 2015
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Great Flexibility for System Configuration due to different control mode options as internally or externally controlled
  • System and Pump Protection due to various alarm functions
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