SOLAR PML OEM circulator pump – solar thermal charging station (GE)

The Grundfos SOLAR PML is energy optimized for small and medium solar thermal charging station in which the demand is mainly on small reduced flow.

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Characteristic Features

  • Glandless circulator pumps integrated in products shall have an energy efficiency index (EEI) of not more than 0.23, the benchmark level being 0.20
  • Controlled via a digital low-voltage pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal which means that the speed of rotation depends on the input signal. The speed changes as a function of the input profile.
  • Cataphoretically coated cast iron housing
  • Electronics separated from motor, motor protected against condensed water by drain holes and double-coated wiring


  • Ready for Conversion according to Ecodesign Requirements for August, 2015
  • Fit for cold antifreeze media containing glycol or ethanol
  • Fit for condensing environments

he event of overflow in the integrated mains water tank.

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