RMQ rainwater unit – monitoring rainwater systems (GE)

The RMQ rainwater unit is designed for the monitoring and control of rainwater collection and utilisation systems.

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The unit detects faults in the rainwater collection system and makes the necessary adjustments. When insufficient rainwater is available from the collecting tank (e.g. an underground tank), the RMQ unit switches to mains water supply, thus providing sufficient water at the points of consumption, e.g. toilet, tap.

The connection between the integral mains water tank and the suction pipe from the collecting tank is closed by means of the built-in three-way valve.


The rainwater unit is suitable for the transfer of water from water collection and utilisation systems in:

  • Single- or two-family houses
  • Weekend cottages
  • Farms
  • Gardens and greenhouses.

Features and benefits

  • Automatic changeover between rain-water tank and integrated mains water tank
  • Manual changeover between rainwater tank and integrated mains water tank
  • Acoustic/visual alarm in the event of overflow in the integrated mains water tank.
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