Oxiperm 164/166 ქლორის დიოქსიდის სისტემა

An ideal means of ensuring the cleanliness of drinking water is to use chlorine dioxide (ClO2) as a disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide is highly effective against all types of germs and has a long residual time in the system, meaning that it disinfects even without extracting water.

ძირითადი ინფორმაცია


The big advantage of chlorine dioxide over other disinfectants is its effectiveness against biofilms.
The chlorine dioxide production system, Oxiperm 164/166, is the perfect solution for fighting Legionella and other germs in drinking water.
The Oxiperm OCD-164 and ODD-164 systems produce chlorine dioxide using diluted solutions of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). The system is available in different capacity levels from production of 120 g/h to 10 kg/h of chlorine dioxide.

The Oxiperm OCG-166 system produces chlorine dioxide using chlorine gas (Cl2) and diluted sodium chlorite (NaClO2). The system is available in different capacity levels up to 10 kg/h of chlorine dioxide.


Ideal fields of application for Oxiperm 164/166 discrete disinfection of drinking water installations, such as:

  • Combating Legionella in building installations of hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, sports facilities and schools
  • Drinking water treatment in municipal waterworks
  • Irrigation water treatment, e.g. in plant nurseries
  • Process water treatment in food & beverage industry
  • Cooling water treatment.

Features and benefits

  • On-site preparation of chlorine dioxide
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating costs
  • High operational reliability due to integrated control system
  • Adaptable for various water disinfection tasks
  • Robust design
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