Grundfos GO mobile control and monitoring of entire systems (GE)

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Grundfos GO is the most comprehensive platform for mobile pump control and pump selection including sizing, replacement and documentation. It offers intuitive, handheld assistance and access to Grundfos online tools, and it saves valuable time for reporting and data collection.

Grundfos GO is designed to save time and effort for the user. The app can be downloaded to any device with an iOS or Android operating system.

Why use Grundfos GO

Downloading the Grundfos GO app opens up a world of time-saving tools, services and documentation for you. Grundfos GO is always online, and this means it is updated on the go and ready for you to use wherever and whenever you need it. Grundfos GO gives the following possibilities:

  • Communication – monitor and control electronic pumps on-site
  • Catalogue – browse through the complete Grundfos product catalogue
  • Replacement – find a replacementpump by entering the pump brand or pump name
  • Sizing – size a pump for a specific installation
  • Reports – generated, signed and sent live, also with photos, avoiding wrong matches, misunderstandings, and unnecessary delays, or paperwork while on-site
  • Graphical interface – installation is made easier by exploiting the intuitive and recognised touchscreen interface and navigation
  • Data management – data can be copied and retrieved, and also sent and retrieved later

And much more….

Features and benefits

  • Always on line – immediate access to all documentation and sizing tools, saves time, providing you with all information and documentation that you need. 24/7
  • Gives you control – no need to call anyone or rush back to the office
  • Effective – quick and easy to use with an intuitive graphical interface
  • Step by step assistance – installation, maintenance and repair is made easy by online pump configuration
  • Troubleshooting – go directly to the pump, know what’s wrong and what to do about it
  • Instant improvement – you can change configuration parameters on the fly
  • Open for communication – a live data feed, alarm logging, shortcuts for frequently needed functionality, and your pump will wink at you when connected
  • Documentation and sizing tools – find almost everything that’s available from WebCAPS
  • Pump condition – see how the pump is working and get easy pump diagnostics
  • Pump history – helps ensure correct replacement by knowing pump performance
  • Time saving – easy documentation and data management lets you generate PDFs and supports digital reporting, administer read/write profiles, and has a project manager function, all of which ensures easy installation
  • Saves money – because time is money, and fewer hands are required
  • Improved service – qualified advice and quotes to your customer at an early stage in the sales process
  • Opens in your language – automatically detects the device language; Grundfos GO is available in 30 languages and more will come.

Currently, Grundfos GO communicates with the following Grundfos products:


  • UPE, UPS
  • MTRE
  • SPKE
  • CRKE
  • NKE, NBE
  • Hydro Multi-E
  • CME

Control boxes

  • CU300
  • CU301
  • IO351
  • MP204


  • MGE

To communicate with above products you need a dongle for your smartphone, or you can go for the iPod touch solution.

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