Dosing tank stations for storing of dosing liquids (GE)

DTS dosing tank stations are intended for storing and dosing liquids. Many different configurations can be selected flexibly to fulfil various dosing tasks.

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Due to the use of high-quality materials, DTS dosing tank stations can be employed for diverse dosing liquids. The selection of materials can be adapted via the configuration to match application and the selected dosing pump.
As they are easy to install, DTS dosing tank stations in combination with the digital dosing pumps DDA, DDC, DDE and DDI are the first choice in the matter of economic efficiency when adding liquids such as coagulants, disinfectants or neutralizing agents to a process in a precise and controlled way.


  • Chemically resistant tank made of UV-stabilised, semitransparent or black polyethylene, in 6 sizes from 60 to 1000 litres, with embossed litre scale and PE screw cover
  • PE collecting tray
  • Handheld mixer or electric stirrer with level switch for dry-running protection
  • Rigid suction lance or foot valve made of PE, with 2-step level switch for dry-running protection and suction line to the dosing pump
  • PVC or PP injection unit with G 1/2 process connection
  • PE or PVC discharge line (10 m)
  • Drain valve
  • Filling armature with ball valve or dissolving hopper
  • Multi-function valve
  • Prepared for the installation of a dosing pump DDA, DDC, DDE, DMX 221 or DDI 60-10 including necessary assembly material like connectors, click-plate and screws depending on pump type


  • Dosing of biocides and inhibitors into cooling water
  • Dosing of lyes and acids for pH regulation
  • Dosing of coagulants, such as ferric chloride for waste water treatment
  • Dosing of hypochlorite
  • Dosing of cleaning agents and disinfectants (CIP, cleaning machines)


  • Wide range of applications can be covered
  • Easy selection
  • Flexible configuration possibilities
  • Low Commisioning effort
  • Perfect match with Grundfos Dosing pumps
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