COMFORT hot water circulator pump – private homes (GE)

A brand new, low noise permanent magnet motor allows the energy consumption of the COMFORT PM range to be reduced to as little as 5-8.5 W.

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Combined with the intelligent AUTOADAPT function this sets new standards for energy-efficient hot water recirculation in private homes.

Thanks to the new high efficiency permanent magnet motor the COMFORT range now features two new variants for hot water recirculation. With an energy usage of only 5-8.5 W both the COMFORT pump with AUTOADAPT and the fixed speed COMFORT B pump can significantly reduce the power consumption. In fact, the electricity costs of operating in AUTOADAPT mode requires a mere 1-2 €* per year. Compared to conventional pumps that run continuously this equals a cost reduction of up to 96 %. Moreover, heat energy savings amount to as much as 48 %.

The AUTOADAPT principle The principle of the AUTOADAPT function is really very simple.
In the course of only a couple of weeks the COMFORT pump learns the hot water consumption pattern of the household and adapts to it. The stored data ensures that the pump runs only when required – which significantly cuts back on both water and power waste. Should the consumption pattern change, e.g. during holidays, the COMFORT pump with  recognises the standstill after 24 hours and automatically adapts to holiday mode. On the return of the occupants, the intelligent pump will automatically resume the same  consumption pattern as before the holiday. Consequently, the access to instantly hot water is never jeopardised.

Minimise water waste

All COMFORT pumps – with or without the AUTOADAPT function – combined with a return pipe deliver instantly hot water all over the house. This eliminates the expensive – and annoying – wait for the water to get warm and reduces the annual consumption of domestic water. The results are lower costs while still ensuring the comfort of instantly hot water.

Easy installation

The COMFORT BA pump with autoadapt and the continuously
running COMFORT B pump are equally compact and designed to greatly facilitate installation – even in confined spaces. Both featuring the renowned ALPHA plug all that is really required is to connect the plug and start pumping.


The AUTOADAPT function has been developed for domestic hot-water systems with hot-water tanks as primary heating source.
In domestic hot-water systems with integrated temperature control functionality for raising and lowering the temperature on the recirculation pipe, Grundfos recommends using the COMFORT BX or COMFORT B models.

To get the full advantages of the COMFORT AUTO model with the AUTOADAPT feature, Grundfos recommends installing the pump in systems with hot-water storage tanks.

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