AMD-AMG-AFG შემრევები და ნაკადის შემქმნელები

ძირითადი ინფორმაცია


Mixers and flowmakers ensure that particles remain evenly distributed in wastewater and sludge, preventing sedimentation and supporting treatment processes.

The range covers everything from small-scale mixers, ideal for prefabricated pumping stations, to large-scale flowmakers created for large tanks and basins. Wastewater infrastructure is an obvious application area – from network stations to treatment plants – but the mixing power of the AMD, AMG, and AFG ranges is also appreciated by industry and agriculture professionals worldwide.


The mixers and flowmakers are designed for mixing, i.e. homogenization and suspension, of liquids in:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment systems
  • Sludge treatment systems
  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial processes
  • Agriculture
  • Biogas plants

The mixers and flowmakers are fitted with propellers made of stainless steel or composite material with diameters between 180 mm and 2600 mm and rotation speeds between 22 min-1 and 1400 min-1.

Features and benefits

  • Wide range of flexible installation accessories
  • Simple maintenance and service
  • Electronic leak sensor
  • Shaft seal protected against abrasive materials
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel or polyamide propellers
  • Robust propellers
  • Stainless steel or cast-iron motor
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