ALPHA2 circulator pump – heating, cooling, hot water (GE)

The Grundfos ALPHA2 domestic circulator offers the best energy efficiency in the market with its range of control modes and simple hydronic balancing.

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The ALPHA2 system consists of an ALPHA2 pump, the ALPHA reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app.

Together, they enable you to hydronically balance a two-pipe radiator or underfloor heating system fast and easy. GO Balance will guide you through every step of the process and provide documentation, saving you valuable time. The ALPHA2 also offers lasting reliability even in the toughest systems.

ALPHA Reader

The ALPHA Reader is a pocket-sized device that you attach to the front of the ALPHA2. It reads performance data from the pump and communicates with the Grundfos GO Balance app via Bluetooth during the balancing process. Once the hydronic balancing is completed, you can simply take the ALPHA Reader with you to your next job.

Grundfos GO Balance

The Grundfos GO Balance app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. The app picks up the Bluetooth signal from the ALPHA Reader and guides you through a few simple balancing steps.

GO Balance is the first-ever mobile platform for hydronic balancing two-pipe radiator and underfloor heating systems, providing documentation and saving you time.

Fast and easy balancing

With the ALPHA2, the ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app, you’re set for fast and easy system balancing in two-pipe radiator and underfloor heating systems – without ever compromising on reliability, efficiency and easy installation.

The Grundfos ALPHA2 is suitable for:

  • One and two-pipe radiator systems
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Domestic hot-water recirculation
  • Suitable for air-conditioning systems with liquid temperatures ≥ 2 °C

Key features and benefits

  • Hydronic balancing with GO Balance and ALPHA Reader
  • Dry-running protection during start-up and operation
  • Robust restart enables the pump to continuously attempt restarting with the highest possible torque
  • Self-adjustable – AUTOADAPT automatically finds the best pump setting
  • Market-leading efficiency
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