Wastewater transport and flood control

MP204 electronic motor protector – asynchronous motor

The MP 204 is an electronic motor protector, designed for the protection of an asynchronous motor or a pump.

Grundfos Remote Management – monitoring pump installations

Grundfos Remote Management is a secure, internet-based system for monitoring and managing pump installations in commercial buildings, water supply networks, wastewater plants, etc.

Grundfos GO mobile control and monitoring of entire systems

Grundfos GO is the mobile tool box for professional users on the go.

SEG grinder pumps – pumping of wastewater with toilet waste

The SEG range of grinder pumps from Grundfos is specifically designed for pumping effluent and untreated sewage in small communities or sparsely populated areas with no sewer systems or where gravitation systems are unsuitable.

SMD, SMG, SFG mixers and flowmakers – homogenization – suspension

The drive unit is equipped with IE3 motor components, and combined with the large variety of gear steps, this enables Grundfos to provide a suitable mixer or flowmaker within the overall range. Additionally, a variable speed drive can be added for even better performance adaption.

SL 0.9-11 kW submersible wastewater pump

The SL range has been developed to optimise performance in your system, minimising known risk factors and reducing maintenance requirements. Remarkably durable, the SL range offers long lasting, service-friendly submersible wastewater pumping.

SE and SL 9-30 kW wastewater pumps – heavy duty

The SE and SL ranges of wastewater pumps provide the highest total efficiency on the market.

Dedicated Controls pump controller – wastewater pumping stations

Grundfos Dedicated Controls system are delivered either as complete control cabinets or as control components for local panel assembly.

CUE series of frequency converters – speed control of pumps

The CUE series are frequency converters for the speed control of a wide range of Grundfos pumps.

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