UPS2 circulator pump – heating, cooling, hot water

UPS2 is the perfect replacement option to optimize efficiency in domestic heating systems.

General Details


The UPS2 is fitted with the most modern motor technology, and with an EEI value ≤ 0.23 the pump is designed to meet the efficiency demands of the 2015 EuP directive.

UPS2 is specifically designed to fulfil performance and dimensional demands in connection with replacement of older UPS pumps.

The UPS2 is available as a pump head only. A solution to be fitted on an already installed UPS-pump housing. This solution is offered to replace all UPS pump types.

Design benefits which make UPS2 the ideal replacement pump:

  • Direct backward compatibility
  • Compact pump head
  • Integrated cable plug in control box
  • Performance adjustment in terms of three different speed settings
  • Three Proportional Pressure curves
  • Simple interface
Technical service