UPM3 AUTO OEM circulator pump for HVAC systems

UPM3 AUTO is for all applications in which an internally controlled pump is needed.

General Details


It is designed to be used in appliances or cabinets with increased ambient temperatures and limited space options; either in standalone applications or in kit systems without PWM controller.

  • Standalone OEM high efficiency circulator
  • For standalone applications
  • Optimal for floorheating with a high valve authority
  • Flexibility of settings benefits the OEM production and the installation in the field

Internally controlled circulators

  • 3 control modes
  • 10 Curves
  • PLUS AUTOADAPT proportional and constant pressure
  • Substitutes ALPHA2 pumps

Characteristic Features

  • Glandless High Efficiency circulator for integration in HVAC systems; EEI ≤ 0.20 EN16297/3
  • Smallest design ever for a circulator; smaller than the well-known UPS circulator
  • Internally controlled circulator
  • Available with many standard and customized housings
  • Active or passive inrush current limitation
  • Ambient temperatures of up to 70 °C.


  • Lowest space requirements ever for a circulator integrated in an appliance
  • Optimised design fit for easy accessibility
    Easy access to the user interface from front
    Easy access to the connectors from front
    Easy access to the pump head screws from the front
    Easy access to the de-blocking screw from front
  • Intelligent configuration
    5 control modes, 18 curves, PLUS 2 AUTOADAPT proportional and constant pressure
    Different signals and profiles available (PWM A, PWM C, KMBus)
    Standard return signal showing power consumption, alarm and operation status
    Other customized input profiles and different return profiles are possible e.g. flow estimation
  • Ready for Conversion according Ecodesign requirement for August, 2015 exceeding benchmark level; EEI ≤ 0.20 EN16297/3
  • Unmatched reliability
    Field and lab tested product quality
    Ceramic bearing shaft – The UPM3 comes equipped with ceramic bearing shafts for a long and trouble-free lifetime. The ceramic material is extremely durable and will not wear.
    Double de-blocking system – Electronic de-blocking that maintains the maximum starting torque up to 25 Ncm and manual de-blocking accessible from the front without demounting the control box.
    High temperature resilience – The resilience to heat will enhance the possibilities of system integration enormously. Ambient temperatures of up to 70 °C.
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