MAGNA1 circulator pump – heating, cooling, hot water

MAGNA1 model C is a price competitive product designed for circulating liquids in heating systems where simple control and communication is desired.

General Details


The pump is ideal for larger development projects and is the perfect replacement for UPS pumps in existing systems.

By adjusting the duty point to the actual heat demand, the pump reduces energy costs.

Characteristic features

  • Proportional-pressure control
  • Constant-pressure control
  • Constant-curve/constant-speed duty
  • No external motor protection required
  • Insulating shells supplied with single-head pumps for heating systems
  • Wide temperature range due to thermal separation of the control box and pump media


  • Fault relay
  • Digital input (start/stop)
  • Wireless multipump function with time based alternation
  • Simple installation
  • No maintenance and long life
  • Low noise level
  • LED indication of control functions
  • Infrared communication with Grundfos GO for fault message descriptions and simple settings.

The complete range is available for a maximum system pressure of 16 bar (PN 16).

Technical service