LC level controller – for wastewater pumping stations

Designed for installations with one or two pumps, the Grundfos LC 231 and LC 241 level controllers are ideal for emptying and filling related to small wastewater transport, commercial buildings and tank-filling applications.

General Details


The controller is equipped with predefined settings to fit these applications for
an easier and quicker start-up in the specific application. The controller can
support up to five control levels for both analogue level transmitter and float
switch operation.
Start and stop signals are used for normal operation, and the optional dry-run signal will protect the pumps from dry running. The controller can run in two modes:


  • For emptying applications, one or two pumps will run depending on inflow rate.
  • For filling applications, the opposite applies; if the tank is close to empty, one or two pumps will run.

Full control via your smart device

The LC controller is fully controlled via your smart device. It utilizes integrated Bluetooth communication that connects to the intuitive Grundfos GO Remote app, ensuring smarter and more optimal operation.

This enables you to easily exchange information between the controller and your smart device. From the moment the controller is installed and connected, the setup wizard and all pump operations are available in the GO Remote app (iOS and Android).

The Grundfos LC controller is suitable for:

  • One- and two-pump systems
  • Wastewater transport – Pressurised pumping stations, Network pumping stations, Road drainage
  • Water intake – Groundwater
  • Mining and construction sites – Dewatering
  • Irrigation – Tank filling
  • Commercial buildings – Wastewater discharge, Dewatering

Key features and benefits

Easy to install and commission

  • Save time and effort on installation and commissioning thanks to the intuitive user interface and Grundfos GO commissioning wizard.

Basic control functions

  • Empty pit, fill tank, pump alternating, water on floor, etc.

Customer adaptable

  • Utilise free configurable inputs or configure functions to fit specific application needs.

Monitoring and control

  • Easy integration to SCADA and collect all the IO at the pit to avoid additional PLC.

Peace of mind

  • Do planned maintenance, get notified of issues, and enjoy reliability and effective pump protection.

Customer adaptable:

The Grundfos LC level controllers are available in two variants:

  • LC 231 – a compact solution complete with certified motor protection
  • LC 241 – a cabinet solution offering modularity and customisation
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