AQpure water treatment system producing drinking water

Grundfos AQpure is an ultrafiltration-based water treatment system.

General Details


Grundfos AQpure  optimised for producing drinking water in local communities, also in remote areas where establishing a stable, reliable and affordable production of drinking water from lakes and rivers can be extremely challenging.
Each Grundfos AQpure system produces drinking water by filtering bacteria, viruses and particles from the raw water source.
Grundfos AQpure is built on a modular concept allowing for customisation of each AQpure system to the specific raw water quality at the site. This is done by following 3 steps:
  • Step 1: Identify which of the four water categories best characterises your raw water using the classification scheme
  • Step 2: Configure your AQpure water treatment system from 11 standardised combinations using the product configuration scheme
  • Step 3: Add any optional modules to match specific requirements of your site and raw water quality


Grundfos AQpure can operate as a stand-alone water treatment system or combined with Grundfos AQtap water dispensers in water kiosk applications. The water treatment system can also be used in apartment buildings, resorts and industries.

  • Stand-alone drinking water production
  • Water kiosks
  • Apartment buildings
  • Water factories

Features and benefits:

  • Full adaptability from a modular concept
  • Superior reliability in water production
  • Cost effectiveness through pre-fabricated systems
  • Automated and robust
  • Self-adaptive control and cleaning
  • Long service intervals for minimal downtime
  • Remote monitoring through Grundfos Remote Management (GRM)
  • Solar powered and minimal operation costs
  • Easy installation
Technical service