Digital dosing, DDI diaphragm dosing pump

General Details


The integrated high-performance microelectronics and the innovative speed-regulated drive technology produce a precise and continuous dosing guaranteeing consistent media mixing and process quality. The dosing rate is simply entered in liters per hour – and the pump takes care of the rest.

Digtal Dosing

The use of stepper motor/EC drives optimizes control of the stroke speed and makes it extremely accurate. The duration of each pressure stroke varies according to the flow setting. The suction stroke time always remains constant but can be lengthened using the anti-cavitation function and thus adapted to the relevant needs. This way suction always takes place with the full stroke volume. This results in continuous dosing and lower pulsation in the dosing system – important factors in ensuring smooth pumping of outgassing media and in installations requiring longer suction lines.

Cost-effective dosing

DDI keeps energy costs at a record low, thanks to the advanced EC motor technology. Maximum efficiency is also ensured even by flows of 150 l/h

With a high accuracy of +/- 1.5 % repeatability throughout the adjustable range, DDI pumps reduce the consumption of chemicals by precisely dosing the required amount.

High flexibility

The design is quite unique – a motor, gearing and two dosing head sizes are all it takes for a complete pump series. This radical reduction in variations has cut the number of spare parts required to a minimum – an important economic benefit for the user.

Straightforward input and monitoring of the dosing rate in l/h with perfect calibration, delivers a unique level of ease of use and precision. DDI is smaller and quieter than conventional dosing pumps in this capacity range. The control and display elements are located either on the side or on the back of the pump. Extensive range of control functions for customising applications e.g. manual, contact signal, analogue signal, batch and timer control.

Handling of high viscosity media – up to 2600 mPa s

The Digital Dosing technology allows to control the speed of the suction stroke, so as to avoid cavitation when handling highly viscous media. Two suction speeds are available.

Optional Flow Monitor

The Flow Monitor developed for DDI pumps is absolutely reliable in detecting dosing malfunctions on both the suction and pressure sides and issues an immediate error message. The FM also offers smart error diagnosis and digital monitoring of excess pressure. Just digitally input the maximum backpressure allowed and if this pressure is exceeded, the pump shuts down.

Fieldbus communication

Available with Profibus interface to supply performance data and status information for quality control, preventive maintenance and future reference.


Dosing of biocides and chemicals, belt lubricant for conveyor equipment diverse range of acids, lyes, flocculation and coagulation agents, cationic and anionic polymers with very different viscosities, precipitating agents and disinfectants, CIP applications

Areas of application

  • Paper production
  • Food and beverages industry
  • Industrial process water and sewage treatment
  • Drinking water treatment


  • High precision and ease of use
  • Flexibility Adaptability
  • Able to handle highly viscous media
  • High turndown ratio and functionalities allow large range of applications
  • Flow Control
  • Double PTFE diaphragm
  • Diaphragm leak detection
Technical service