About Us


IPSO (Infrastruqture Projects Support Office) is a joint project of Grundfos and the company Megaproject, that supports the use of modern technologies and approaches for the objects of infrastructure. Project beneficiaries are design, builder, installer and operator organizations working in the sector. Within the framework of the project, both educational and consulting activities, as well as sectoral research activities, are carried out.


Project-related arrangement are planned and performed by Grundfos accredited specialists and managers.

  1. Professional trainings and seminars

    Training programs on GRUNDFOS products and technologies are provided on a periodic basis and / or upon request.

    In the framework of the seminars, the specialists share specific experience and knowledge.

  2. Projects' conceptual design

    Involvement of specialists in project concept’s development, simplifies and hasten the design processes. This stage is important for both GRUNDFOS and the organization, working on the project, as the effectiveness of the work increases with supervision and informations from the start.

  3. Designing consulting

    Discussing, analyzing, and engineering solutions for the design phase complexities, with the help of specialists, reduces the risks of further incompatibility and remodeling, enhances project practicality and reliability.

  4. Installation and operation audit

    Checking and timely correction of performed works is very important for completing the facility in time, eliminating unforeseen time and financial costs.

Our Vision

Technological solutions used in Georgia’s infrastructure projects and level of performance should be in line with the standards of advanced European countries.

While designing projects, the impacts on local ecological status and global climate must be explored and minimized.

Technological and construction processes should ensure the safety of human’s labor and health.


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