December 23, 2019

Global innovation award for sustainable water solutions

Frost & Sullivan acknowledge Grundfos’s work to deliver pioneering, sustainable water solutions to a world where millions still lack access to safe water.

Frost & Sullivan has presented Grundfos with this year’s award for best practices in Emerging Market Innovation in sustainable water solutions.

The global research company praises Grundfos for addressing water challenges in emerging markets by introducing solar-powered water pumps that are straightforward to install while also – as another initiative – innovating new business models that make pumps available in a more affordable way.

Grundfos works with local partners to deliver on its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 and 13. After the initial installation process, Grundfos recruits and trains local technicians on the operation and maintenance of the pump systems, thereby creating local expertise.

Dedicated to partners and colleagues
“It makes all our efforts worthwhile when our innovations improve the lives of people around the world, especially those who did not have access before; this is the very essence of our purpose,” says Ulrik Gernow, Group Executive Vice President, CMO, Grundfos.

“We could never have accomplished the same results without our partners in these projects nor the relentlessly ambitious colleagues bringing these solutions forward throughout the world. This award is dedicated to them.”

According to Frost & Sullivan, Grundfos gives customers across the globe better access to sustainable water pump systems supported by innovative, reliable technology and expert service, including solar-powered water pumps and the Lifelink product line.

Committed approach
Among a range of concrete solutions, Frost & Sullivan highlights Grundfos’ Lifelink solutions, where AQtap – the cloud-connected water dispensers known as water ATMs – can be topped up through mobile phones as well as Aqpure, the water treatment unit that secures safe drinking water.

“We see Grundfos as a company that has committed itself to delivering cost-effective solutions that strengthen the reliability and sustainability of safe water supply in emerging economies. The company has shown commitment to customized solutions and to gain a thorough understanding of emerging market requirements, which have helped Grundfos expand its presence in emerging markets,” says Fredrick Royan, Global Vice President for Research in Sustainability & Circular Economy, Frost & Sullivan.

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